FreezerGuard™ – Formulated for the Freezer

The compounds and minerals used in FreezerGuard have been specifically formulated to work in very low operating temperatures to remove Ice build up and the OH&S issues associated with it.

FreezerGuard’s unique ability to adsorb micro particles of moisture from the air within freezing temperatures is the key to obtaining and maintaining optimum storage conditions!

FreezerGuard’s unique mineral properties are ideal for minimizing ice from forming in your cold storage facilities.

FreezerGuard can eliminate slippery floors and soggy cardboard cartons by dramatically reducing the amount of free ice which would otherwise form on the ceiling, subsequently melting during defrost cycles and creating hazardous conditions.

FreezerGuard creates a much safer cold storage environment and assists you in meeting your OHW&S requirements.

How FreezerGuard Works

In a commercial freezer environment, air is cooled. As the air cools it loses its ability to hold water vapour therefore forming condensation – both airborne and static. The resulting affect is an increase in the Relative Humidity of the refrigerated environment. Airborne ‘contaminants’ are attracted to airborne water molecules through their chemical bonding properties and are subsequently held in a gaseous suspension.

Controlling Moisture

WEEK 1 – Pre Installation

Ice and moisture build up.

WEEK 2 – Post Installation

Ice and moisture build up is reducing.

WEEK 3 – Post Installation

Ice and moisture build up is reduced.

WEEK 4 – Post Installation

Ice and moisture build up is further reduced.