No doubt one of the biggest challenges facing mankind at the present time is our ability to efficiently use our resources with minimal impact on our environment and simultaneously improve the livelihood of all mankind.

We all shoulder the responsibility of researching and developing methods of improving our use of resources. Without doubt the world’s biggest users of resources are corporate giants and the business sector in general, and with the use of resources comes all the benefits that man uses to improve their chance of survival and for the quiet enjoyment of their life. Associated with our consumerist society is associated waste and damage to our environment.

Whether it is food wastage, energy usage, water usage, deforestation or pollution, all have an impact on our environment and we all have the responsibility of finding sustainable solutions to these problems. Ideally, the solutions found should have the dual advantage of decreasing waste and the associated costs and improving business performance and shareholder returns at the same time.

ChillClean’s operations are predominantly in the cold food storage industry and as such our products and service go directly towards resolving two primary waste problems, energy waste and food waste.

ChillClean’s MoistureGuard refrigeration filtration enhancement system and the award winning ChillSafe® bacteria and ethylene control sachet are market leaders protecting fresh produce from premature wastage and reducing energy usage in refrigerated environments. Use of ChillClean products and services can reduce cool room or freezer  power usage by as much as 20% and when combined with the ChillSafe® bacteria and ethylene control sachet a further 10% reduction in food waste can be achieved.

ChillClean clients are also reporting a significant saving in the area of equipment breakdowns, because their refrigeration is running more efficiently.