eco friendly ChillClean's eco solutions
help you save money, reduce
your carbon foot print and
keep your coolrooms
Clean and Green
24/7 protection Our products provide

thanks to our scientifically
proven MoistureGuard™
FreezerGuard™ and ChillSafe®
24/7 coolroom protection ChillClean 24/7 Protection
dot points Create the by reducing bacteria, ethylene,
odours, excess moisture & ice
buildup, energy use and food waste.
optimum refrigerated environment
cleaning Our Clean and Green cleaning
solution reduces compressor
maintenance and saves you
up to 20% in energy costs
QA ChillClean complies with
and can meet all your
requirements for current
QA recording
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ChillClean®  provides high quality, cost effective & Eco-hygiene coolroom solutions.

Our environmentally friendly approach to cleaning, combined with our exclusive range of MoistureGuard™, FreezerGuard® and award winning ChillSafe® products, provide our customers with superior hygiene benefits that improve the outcomes from their coolrooms 24/7.

Our products and services cover all industries in the food storage, preparation, manufacturing and service areas.

ChillSafe Technology

Commercial Coolroom Cleaning Service

The ChillClean Clean

Having your cold storage cleaned utilising the ChillClean™ system is unique. Our expertise ensures that the floors, doors, walls, fans and fins are all decontaminated effectively using best practice methods.

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Bacteria, Mould & Ethylene Control


Made in Australia, ChillSafe is a sustainable eco product that provides food service and hospitality professionals a cost effective solution for maintaining the hygiene of their refrigerated facilities.

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Moisture Control


MoistureGuard’s “The Natural Compound” unique ability to adsorb minute particles of moisture from the air within cold storage facilities is the key to obtaining and maintaining optimum storage conditions.

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Ice Control


FreezerGuard’s unique mineral properties and ability to adsorb micro particles of moisture from the air within freezing temperatures is the key to obtaining and maintaining optimum storage conditions and meeting your OHW&S requirements.

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ChillClean® is the premium solution provider for the MoistureGuard™, FreezerGuard® and ChillSafe® eco-hygiene range of products, that have been scientifically proven to:

  • Reduce bacteria

  • Reduce ethylene

  • Reduce excess moisture

  • Reduce ice build up

  • Reduce odours

  • Reduce moulds & yeasts

  • Reduce food waste

  • Reduce power costs

  • Reduce cleaning costs

  • Reduce OH&S risks

  • Reduce compressor maintenance


Craig Basford – Co Founder Big Shed Brewing Co and Westside Massive2017-03-25T01:17:02+00:00

“Big Shed Brewing Co and Westside Massive protect our brews and food 24 hours a day with   ChillSafe & MoistureGuard combo.   It targets, wild yeast, mould, airborne and surface bacteria as well as balancing moisture, ensuring we never have to think or worry about these things. We can just get on with knocking out good beer and food! Cannot fault the products or service, it’s a no brainer, the technology is there, put it in your coolrooms!”     



Ashley, Owner, Port Wakefield Bakery South Australia2017-03-25T01:08:33+00:00

I have been utilising ChillClean Coolroom Hygiene Solutions in my bakery for many months. I have found that by installing the 24/7 protection of the ChillSafe and MoistureGuard products that not only are my walls and floors much drier than they were previously but my fresh vegetables are lasting noticeably longer and are still crisp! We now have little to no odours within the cool room and no mould growth.
Another positive to having installed the ChillSafe and MoistureGuard systems is that we now only need to have ChillClean sanitise our evaporator unit once every 12 months rather than twice a year and I feel comfortable in the knowledge that no bacteria can grow within the unit between cleans due to the ChillSafe/MoistureGuard 24/7 protection.

Greg Tsai, Operations Manager, Delbridge Group, McDonald’s Restaurants2017-03-25T01:00:38+00:00

“We have been using ChillSafe and FreezerGuard at all four of our McDonald’s restaurants since 2010. These products speak for themselves! Since installing them the ice has clearly stopped building up in the walk in freezers. We also have reduced free moisture in our coolrooms. All salads and fruits within the coolrooms have remained fresher and crisper and there has been a noticeable reduction in odours and cross contamination.
We are committed to the continued use of the ChillClean systems for years to come as they are great products. An added bonus are the electricity cost savings and a significant reduction in the risk to our crew by having removed the slippage hazards on the walls/ceilings and floors in our freezers and coolrooms.”

Dennis Rockley, Disability Services SA2017-03-25T01:00:09+00:00

“We have been utilising the ChillClean systems on site at Disability Services Fullarton for approximately 6 months. We take food safety and OWH& S safety very seriously and are always looking at ways to further improve our risk management strategies.

We engaged ChillClean to clean and sanitise our coolroom evaporator units to eliminate the ability of bacteria to live within the units. We then implemented the ChillClean 24/7 protection of ChillSafe & MoistureGuard products to substantially reduce the risk of bacteria, mould and free moisture entering our cold storage areas.

We also installed the FreezerGuard product in our walk in freezers to reduce the amount of ice forming on the ceiling. During defrost cycles the ice became a slipping hazard for staff as it would melt to the floor.

I am pleased to advise that all products have exceeded our expectations and continue to assist us in maintaining best practice food hygiene and safety standards within our kitchens.

I would not hesitate to recommend the ChillClean products and service to any facility looking to improve their risk management systems.”

Matthias, Head Chef, The Edinburgh Castle Hotel2017-03-25T01:21:32+00:00

“We have been using ChillSafe and MoistureGuard for a couple of months and the most obvious strengths of the products are their ability to reduce strong odours, freshen the cool room air and keep our herbs and some other produce crisper and fresher. An extra bonus with the products is that our chiller unit, which is an older unit, has not iced up since we installed the products, saving us both the time and inconvenience. We are looking forward to continuing to use the ChillSafe and MoistureGuard eco products to reduce our food risk and waste”

Greg, Head Chef, The Benjamin on Franklin Hotel2017-03-25T01:20:02+00:00

“We installed the ChillSafe and MoistureGuard products and after only a couple of months it became obvious that the products really clean the air handling system and manage the moisture, as the condition of the air quality and temperature within the cool room improved, as did the reduction of odours. We also noticed an overall improvement in the quality of the produce, especially fruits and herbs. It is clear to me that these products can help reduce food risk and waste, and we will continue to use the products into the future”